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This site is built for educational purposes only. I would like to encourage pupils to this page, as it will be an important site to check regularly. They will find homework assignments, project guidelines, handouts, rubrics, helpful links, and other tools to help them in English classes. From time to time, this will be a space where we will engage in discussions about what we're reading, as well as share our writing and provide others with meaningful feedback. In an effort to reduce the amount of paper distributed in class and collected throughout the course of a school year, the students will be asked to download documents and submit their work on this site. I hope they find this to be a helpful and useful tool. And so does everybody, of course:))

All the files and documents in this site are licensed under a GNU Free Documentation License which means you can use everything in this site in any way you like, with or without modification, either commercially or non commercially.

To view most of the files you need to have a pdf viewer on your computer. If you don't have any, you can download one from here.


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